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Outside the Box

Scarborough Museums Trust and Yorkshire Coast Homes are excited to have partnered to deliver the ‘Outside the Box’ project

Free-of-charge reminiscence sessions held across Scarborough

The project aimed to bring together people of all ages, to reminisce, share and capture stories using objects from the museum’s collection and donations from participants.

A themed box featuring material from living memory acted as the centre piece for discussion at each session. Handling the objects helped to encourage discussion and reflection that in turn helps to bring people together.

Reminiscence, the idea on which the sessions are based, has proved to be a really powerful tool for bringing people together. Sharing memories is a lovely opportunity to meet new friends and share experiences.

Volunteers and students then capture the stories told at the sessions to create an archive of living memory – a treasure trove of real, tangible history.

The project welcomed visitors from all backgrounds and all ages, and actively encouraged discussion between generations.

The sessions were held once a month in ten different locations and lasted for an hour.

Outside the box
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Online Exhibition

View the online exhibition to see some of the stories the project has captured already:

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