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Star Carr Stamp

The Royal Mail has produced eight stamps which feature iconic sites and exceptional artefacts including a 11,000 year old Star Carr headdress.

Found in nearby Seamer at a Mesolithic site, the headdresses of Star Carr have fueled the imagination of scholars and members of the public alike since their discovery in the 1950s.

Illustrated by London-based artist Rebecca Strickson, the Ancient Britain Special Stamps are designed as overlay illustrations, showing how people lived and worked at these sites and used the objects.

Alongside the postage stamps, Royal Mail will provide a special postmark on all mail posted in a postbox close to where the site is located or the artefact found. In the case of the Star Carr headdress, the hand-stamp will be applied to mail posted at the Seamer Post Office between 17-21 January 2017.

Commenting on the stamps, Jennifer Dunne, the Collections Manager at Scarborough Museums Trust, said: “We are extremely privileged to have one of the Star Carr headdress as part of our exhibition at the Rotunda Museum and it is extremely popular among visitors. It is fantastic that more people are going to be able to see another example from the find through this exceptional collection of new stamps”.

Philip Parker, Stamp Strategy Manager at the Royal Mail, said: “The UK has an incredibly rich heritage of prehistoric sites and exceptional artefacts. These new stamps explore some of these treasures and give us a glimpse of everyday life in prehistoric Britain, from the culture of ancient ritual and music making to sophisticated metalworking and the building of huge hill forts.”

The Starr Car stamp has a value of £1.05.

Visit the Star Carr exhibition at the Rotunda Museum.