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Schools Learning Programme

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Our new learning programme for schools combines the flexibility of self-led tours with our unique expert knowledge base. Specialists are on hand in many of our sessions to answer questions and offer insights into, for example, geology and climate change at The Rotunda Museum or history of art and seaside heritage at the Scarborough Art Gallery. A visit provides an exciting and highly creative experience for all involved; pupils, teachers and specialists keen to share their knowledge.

We work with schools to design learning experiences aligned with your objectives and key stages. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions, then use our enquiry form to request a booking. To help us choose the best of our associates to be on hand to support your work, please complete the ‘what you would like to include in your visit’ section as fully as possible.

Our learning resources are currently in development. Please contact if you would like to discuss a specific project.


Colour (KS1-3)

Art Gallery

Experience how artists through the ages have marshalled vibrant spectrums to paint emotions, landscape and portraits. An artist will work in mixed media with pupils to create their own colour masterpieces.

Secret Knowledge (KS1-3)

Art Gallery

Connect your pupil’s experience of today’s mobile ‘selfies’ with the history of photography. Experience the vivid detail of some of the Victorian paintings and discover whether John Atkinson Grimshaw ‘cheated’ by painting over photographs, before creating a ‘Grimshaw’ picture of your own.

Seaside History (KS1-3)

Art Gallery

How did the idea of a day at the seaside begin? Explore ideas about ‘spas’ and seaside culture. Take a look at the language and images of advertising and of postcards home, create your own seaside stories, make your own postcards or work with our artists on seaside-themed textile and design.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the World! (KS1-3)

Rotunda Museum

The world of the dinosaurs on your doorstep. From real fossil footprints to the skeleton of the plesiosaur, this workshop will ignite imaginations; create a story map of a time when dinosaurs could be seen on the beach.

Prehistoric People (KS1-3)

Rotunda Museum

Take your pupils on a journey back in time to the era of the Stonehenge and unravel the mystery of the Star Carr Headdress.

The Viking Sunstone (KS2-4)

Rotunda Museum

Scientists at last have grounds for believing that the legendary Viking “sunstone” used to navigate the seas did indeed exist.Understand the properties of this calcite crystal (crystallised calcium carbonate or Iceland spar). Learn the science around polarising sunlight and using the North Star and compass cards to chart navigation routes. This workshop can also be tailored to cover creative research into the geography of the Viking world and to develop stories and illustrations about the stone.

Resources linked to the National Curriculum

Please find below some resources designed to be linked to the National Curriculum.

Scarborough Art Gallery: Sir Matthew Smith | William Etty | Atkinson Grimshaw

Rotunda: William Smith’s 1815 Map | Ammonite | Gristhorpe Man

Services for Schools

  • Self-led tours of Scarborough Art Gallery and the Rotunda Museum are completely FREE – but please book in advance.
  • Borrowing a Handling Collection can really help to bring learning to life in the classroom. The Hands-on Discovery Boxes, which include themed handling objects, are available to schools at a cost of £10 per fortnight. They can also be used within our venues for free (subject to availability). Loans are for two weeks only and you will need to collect and return the handling collections to us.
  • Museum workshops for school groups: lasting between 1-2 hours, a member of our museum learning team can run a workshop for your students. Museum workshops are usually run on Thursdays only and are heavily subscribed. Please make a booking request and a member of the learning team will contact you to confirm availability and to discuss the details and content of your visit.

Essential Information

Admission Please enquire for school group prices.
Groups Group size is limited (please see FAQs) and to avoid overcrowding we admit only one school class per half day, plus accompanying adults, at each venue.
Booking Groups must book at least a week in advance using the online booking form. Children must be supervised at all times.
Parking There is limited minibus parking available nearby and coach drop-off points outside the Rotunda and Art Gallery.
Access The Museum is accessible by lift throughout. There is no lift access in the Art Gallery. Please let us know in advance if someone in your group has additional needs and we will do our best to cater for them.
Toilet There is a disabled toilet open to all visitors in the Rotunda Museum and at Woodend, two minutes from the Art Gallery.
Lunch Lunch facilities at Woodend may be pre-booked.
Photography Visitors are permitted to take photographs in the galleries for their personal, educational use only. Please see our photography policy for further details.
Shop Books, posters, pens, pencils, rubbers, etc. are available in our shops.

Contact Us

Initial requests for school or group visits should be made via the booking form.

For more information or to discuss your booking, please contact our Learning Officer by email: or by telephone: 01723 384511