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Reflecting the theme of this year’s International Museum Day, Scarborough Museums Trust will be inviting the Polish community in Scarborough to explore the life and works of Polish colourist Zdzislaw Ruszkowski (1907 – 1991).

We are marking the day with a temporary display of his works in Scarborough Art Gallery. Although born in Poland, Ruszkowski spent much of his life travelling the world working on his art. He came to the UK to re-join his unit in the Polish army based in Scotland during the Second World War and stayed after meeting his wife here. Ruszkowski later met Tom Laughton when the Scarborough hotelier and art collector bought one of his paintings from an exhibition in Cornwall. A friendship developed between the two and Laughton became a patron of Ruszkowski’s work, later donating a collection to the Scarborough Art Gallery.

In addition, there will also be a short, interactive Q&A session about the work of artist Zdzislaw Ruszkowski as part of International Museum Day. Find out more>