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Scarborough Museums Trust has launched a major new exhibition: ‘ A Day at the Seaside’ which will be on display until the end of 2017 at Scarborough Art Gallery.  The exhibition celebrates Britain’s rich seaside heritage by displaying a collection of posters, objects and a film made specially by Yorkshire Film Archive  showing the signficance of Scarborough’s status as the UK’s first seaside holiday destination. It celebrates the cultural heritage of the town; showing the number of different attitudes of the past, impact of tourism on the area and resonance with people who went on holiday to the area in the past. The Museum hopes that the exhibition will generate nostalgia and remind visitors of their own memories of the seaside holiday.

With the summer holidays round the corner, Scarborough Museums Trust will be welcoming visitors through its doors as the exhibition tells the story of the town’s seaside holiday heritage, with objects selected from the Scarborough Collections, including a 1930s Deplacido ice cream tricycle, and a rare surviving ‘penny lick’, the forerunner of the waffle cone! Visitors will have the chance to dress up in the holiday fashions of yesteryear, take family snaps with a specially created peep through board and create their own postcards as a souvenir of their visit.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to watch a  film commisioned from the Yorkshire Film Archive especially for the exhibition explores beach holiday memories, using archive footage from Yorkshire and the North East.

The exhibition, produced in partnership with Filey and Southend Museums, will also be available to other venues. Visitors can view the exhibition free of charge with a Scarborough Museums Trust Annual Pass which costs £3, under 18s are free.

Video footage courtesy of the Yorkshire Film Archive

Scarborough Souvenir Tin
Penny Lick Glasses
Traditional Swimming Cap
Alice in Holidayland Poster, 1914
Souvenir mugs
Railway poster showing a lion carrying sports equipment and a bucket for a fun-filled day at Scarborough’s South Bay beach

Captions for Photographs in order…

Marine drive tin

  • Souvenir tin originally packed with confectionery by Rowntree and Co. Ltd., York, presented by Scarborough Town Council to children on the occasion of the opening of the Marine Drive by the Earl and Countess of Londesborough, 27th July 1908.

Penny Lick glasses

  • From the mid-1800s, penny lick glasses like these were used to serve ice cream. The thick glass gave the impression of the serving being bigger than it actually was. Once you had eaten the ice cream, you gave the penny lick back to the vendor. However, they wouldn’t wash it out but simply refill it for the next customer to use. With the glasses not getting cleaned between uses, questions of hygiene were raised and a pastry cup was introduced paving the way for the traditional cone we know today.

Swimming Cap

  • Swimming cap made from red rubber with white plastic flower decoration, 1960s.

Frank Henry Mason (1875-1965) Alice in Holidayland – Walrus and the Carpenter Poster, 1914

  • This image featured on a poster and in a booklet as part of a series designed by Frank Henry Mason in collaboration with Noel Pocock showing characters from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll on holiday at various locations along the North East coast. Here the Walrus and the Carpenter characters are enjoying the delights of South Bay, Scarborough. Printed by Chorley and Pickersgill Ltd., The Electric Press, Leeds and London.

Scarborough souvenir mugs

  • Souvenir mug showing a colour transfer view of Clarence Gardens, North Bay, Scarborough, 1920s. Souvenir mug with gilt decoration and a colour transfer view of the Marine Drive, which connects Scarborough’s South and North bays, 1908-1920.

Scarborough, It’s Quicker by Rail Poster, 1934

  • Railway poster showing a lion carrying sports equipment and a bucket for a fun-filled day at Scarborough’s South Bay beach. Published by British Railways, printed by Jordison and Co. Ltd., London and Middlesborough.