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Who Are Scarborough Museums Trust?

Scarborough Art Gallery and the Rotunda Museum are both managed by the Scarborough Museums Trust. Both venues are heritage sites of historical importance, housed in Grade II* listed buildings. The Scarborough Museums Trust, a charitable Company Limited by Guarantee (charity no: 1106238), was established as a regulatory company of Scarborough Borough Council in April 2004. The Council’s museum service transferred to the Trust on 1 January 2008 and the Trust deregulated in 2009. The Trust is now primarily responsible for running the Art Gallery and Rotunda Museum and its work is overseen by a Board of Trustees.

Our Mission
Scarborough Museums Trust is committed to caring for, developing and interpreting the collections, information and assets entrusted to us to understand more about the borough’s past and present in order to help shape the future, encourage participation, provide the best possible experience to our current constituents and leave an enhanced legacy for future generations.’

Our Vision
By 2022 we will be recognised, supported and acknowledged by the communities of Scarborough as the most comprehensive, trusted and accessible resource on the history, heritage and culture of the borough. Our expertise in, and development of, significant collections and information will, by 2022, secure Scarborough as a centre of excellence in geology and prehistory. By 2022 we will be recognised as playing a major role in the positioning of Scarborough as a quality place to live, visit, learn, work and play.

Download the Scarborough Museum Trust’s Strategic Plan 2017
Download the Scarborough Museums Trust Accounts 2016-17


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